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Most Popular Style from ASI Storage Solutions:

The Traditional Collection is our most widely distributed locker line. Offering the most value for typical locker applications, this collection is available in a full range of spacious sizes, from single- to six-tier configurations, as well as two-person, sixteen-person and wall-mounted.

Traditional Collection Features:

  • 2 mil powder coated in any of 15 designer colors
  • Stainless steel recessed handle for safety
  • 16 gauge doors, frames and bottoms
  • 24 gauge tops, sides, backs and shelves
  • Continuous full-length staked piano hinge for security
  • Rubber door silencers for quiet operation

ASI Storage Solutions-Metal Lockers Color Selection Guide

Lockers Options Available from Scranton Products:

Emergency Response

Emergency response professionals have a unique set of needs when it comes to storing uniforms and turnout gear. Perhaps the most important requirement is precise organization and quick, uninterrupted access to stored items for rapid response. When purchasing lockers for professionals within this industry, it is important to evaluate the content that will be stored as well as the type of access and level of security needed for each item. Tufftec Emergency Response Lockers are designed with an open frame construction for quick access and easy visibility. A locking storage compartment provides secure storage for personal items. Extra side ventilation improves air flow and are made from solid plastic that is impermeable to moisture. It is naturally resistant to bacteria and is chemical resistant as well. A durable, low maintenance storage solution that is easy to maintain with common cleaning chemicals or simple power or steam cleaning, They will never rust or require painting. Tufftec come in a variety of sizes and configurations to give you the flexibility and durability to meet the demands of any situation. They are customizable to accommodate special circumstances, and are backed by a 25 year warranty to insure Years of worry free service.
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A major concern in the healthcare industry is the spread of germs and bacteria. A healthcare professional's personal items can become carriers of these germs and bacteria to patients or worse yet to loved ones at home. That is why many healthcare facilities are equipped with locker rooms where healthcare professionals can securely store their personal items while they tend to patients. Scranton Products Tufftec Lockers, made from solid plastic, are a perfect fit for healthcare applications as they naturally resist germs and bacteria and are resistant to common chemicals used in a healthcare environment to maintain the strictest standards of cleanliness. The solid plastic material is impermeable to moisture and can be power washed or steam cleaned. Made with a continuous color throughout, they are a durable, low maintenance solution as they never need painting, and they will look great for years to come. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the Z-Locker configuration is popular in healthcare applications by providing a unique storage area for longer garments, such as medical or laboratory coats, to prevent wrinkling. Another option is to provide shoe storage outside of the main compartment, specifically designed to keep shoes separate from clothing and prevent cross contamination and are backed by an industry leading 25 year warranty
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Every industry is different. From a climate controlled office space to a manufacturing shop floor, employee lockers are placed in a variety of environments. Providing employees with secure storage for personal items is important, but it is also important to find a low maintenance, worry-free solution so that you can concentrate on the business at hand. Tufftec solid plastic lockers are designed to withstand a variety of environments, including harsh environments. Chemical resistance is combined with dent and impact resistance to provide exceptional value and worry-free performance. They are easy to maintain; no painting required and they can be power washed or steam cleaned. Backed by an industry leading 25 year warranty, Tufftec are the right choice for any environment. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate your specific needs while coming in a wide array of colors to compliment any decor.
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Athletic lockers are an important component for every team and do more than store an athlete's equipment. They represent the team and the pride they have in being part of it. When choosing athletic lockers, there are important considerations to make to ensure your lockers perform as effectively as your team. Consider what will be stored and how will the equipment be placed? Will it hang or be placed on shelves? Is it long, wide or uniquely shaped in a way that makes storing the item challenging? Tufftec team lockers come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations and are also customizable if specific solutions are needed. Next consider security and usage. Will you be storing items that must be secured? Are there items that require open access to be able to maintain equipment when team members are not present? Maybe you require both open access and an area where valuables can be secured while athletes are playing. Tufftec lockers are available in multiple configurations that allow for open access, secured storage or a mixture of both. Also some configurations provide seating options that double as a secured storage area providing dual use. Tufftec provide the ultimate in durability, flexibility, moisture and bacteria resistance and will provide your team with the best possible option for their storage needs. Investing in Tufftec will provide a storage solution your team will be proud of.
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Recreational lockers are designed to provide your customers and clients with personal secure storage. It is important to choose one that can stand up to heavy use while providing a low maintenance solution that keeps your staff free to maintain other areas. Tufftec Lockers are made of solid high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which is 59 times more impact resistant than traditional metal lockers. The plastic surface is totally impermeable to moisture so you will never have to deal with rusting or peeling paint. Also important is how the locker will hold up to moisture and germs. A laboratory study shows that Tufftec solid plastic lockers are naturally resistant to bacteria and some forms of bacteria naturally die within 48 hours of being on the surface. Another key consideration is size and Tufftec come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Standard sizes include widths from 12" to 18" wide, depths from 12" to 18" deep, and tier options from 1 through 6 tiers. While these standard offerings can typically meet the needs of most locker applications, Scranton Products Tufftec Lockers can be customized to meet your specific needs as well. nvesting in Tufftec Lockers will prove to be a wise investment for years to come.
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Specialty lockers can cover a broad number of products, but there are a few items that are typically found in this category. One product that fits this category is cubbies, often used to provide an organized storage system when locking or closing doors are not desired. Scranton Products cubbies offer the perfect solution, coming in a wide variety of sizes and offering many storage solutions. Additionally, the easy to clean solid plastic makes maintenance quick and simple to provide many years of worry free use. Benches are another important product in this category. Scranton Products benches are made of 1.5" solid plastic making them extremely strong, impermeable to moisture, impact resistant and an all-around great choice for seating solutions. Available in a wide variety of colors to compliment any decor, including ones to match your locker color selection when paired with Scranton Products Tufftec or Duralife lockers.
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Built to handle the daily wear and tear in daycares, classrooms and art rooms, Tufftec cubbies are the ideal solution for classroom open storage applications. They are constructed out of solid 1/2" thick HDPE and come in a variety of configurations and sizes.
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Lockers specifically designed for the educational industry are a must because of the unique environment, heavy usage and a need for a low maintenance highly durable product. These will be a sizeable investment for any school and ensuring they last and are easy to maintain are critical items to consider. Choosing the solid plastic type ensures you will never need to repaint. Because they are solid color throughout and highly impact resistant, you can be sure they will look good for years to come. Because plastic is impermeable to moisture, you don't need to worry about rusting often seen at the bottom of the traditional metal ind. Duralife were specifically designed for the school corridor market. Featuring an innovative recess pocket to prevent parts from extruding into busy hallways, along with uniquely designed arc venting, Duralife is the first plastic locker designed for the school corridor market and is backed by a 15 year warranty.
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